Local Food Options

Local Food Options

Find local restaurants open for delivery and takeout service for food and alcohol.

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Fun and adventure are never far away in the San Juan Mountains. Contact our local guides and rental companies for everything that you need for your Ouray adventure, whether it's a Jeep, climbing equipment, skis or bike.



From scenic mountain roads, to expertly designed singletrack and epic backcountry trails. Ouray County's biking options are growing every day!

River Rafting

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Rock Climbing

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Skiing - Backcountry & Snowcat Tours

Enjoy incredible and accessible backcountry skiing in the spectacular San Juan Mountains. Go with a guide or hire a snow cat to take you into the mountains.


Explore snowpacked backcountry roads and powder meadows with a snowmobile in the San Juan Mountains.

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)

Enjoy a tranquil day on one of our beautiful mountain lakes on an SUP (stand up paddleboard).

Zipline Adventures

Gravity-powered cable and pulley rides in the mountains

721 CR 4-A, Silverton, CO, 81433

Go underground in a real gold mine! Ride the electric mine train 1/3 mile into Galena Mountain for live mining demonstrations. You'll see operating drills, skip, slusher, mucker and honey waggon - all original San Juan mining equipment from ...
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San Juan Mountain Guides LLC

725 Main St., Ouray, CO, 81427

San Juan Mountain Guides (SJMG) is the premier provider of Ouray Ice Climbing, Private Ice Guiding, Ouray Rock Climbing, San Juan Backcountry Skiing and Avalanche Courses, Alpine Climbing, and Wilderness Backpacking in Colorado. Founded in 1986, SJMG is ...
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